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tips menjahit manik

Welcome beading lovers! This is a place where you can find a unique and interesting beading designs to suit your fabulous baju kurung, dresses, blouses, shawls to anything you want to beads.


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Tips and Tricks

The first thing we need before we can start our beading process is to have the right tools and the right materials. In the picture below shown the tools that we need:

1) Thread - Colour of the thread need to be suitable with the beads, sequins, n cloths colour. Do not choose obvious different colour as the result may not be nice.
2)Needle - There are a few types and sizes of needles. You can use size 9, 10, 11 or 12 which comes with long and short size.
3)Erasable Pen - Use to outline your design. 2 type of erasable pen - air or water (it means it's earasable by air or by water)
4)Ram - The round wooden ram is used to keep your cloths tight and give ease for you to bead.
5)Needle Threader - Use to put your thread through needle.
6) Pensil, Tracing paper and Carbon paper - Use to design patern and trace onto cloths.
7) Cloths - The softer and smoother cloths will be harder to bead for the first timer. So you can first try onto cotton cloths. :)
Once you have all the tools you need as shown above, we have to consider what types of materials we want to use. Various of materials available and you can creatively mix and match to produce the best design and colours that suit your cloths. Some of the materials are :

1) Beads - cylinder beads (short solid, fine, medium, long, extra long), long cylinder twisted beads, round beads, small round beads - dual tone and round beaeda.

2) Sequins - Indian sequins, square sequins, flower sequins and now we can even find flower cup sequins.

3) Pearls - Round pearls, rain drop pearls, padi shepe

4) Stones


So now you knew what you need to start your beading processjahit manik

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